First Nations

Prophetikos is a friend to First Nations and is involved with many Tribes. Click Here For More Information with the band Prophetikos, we are often involved in playing music for youth outreaches and community awareness programs.

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Inner City Outreach

Prophetikos is involved with inner city outreaches for homeless and the streets with a heart to see people to get back on their feet.

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Music Video

This is my Dream Music Video songs writtent by Barbara, Filmed and Produced by Shanda Renee.

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Please Consider a donation to be used for the purposes of Outreach and Missions

Spontaneous Worship

Prophetikos has an amazing ability to capture the moment in a song. This unique gift is used in settings of Worship and even on the streets, parks and where ever they go.

Prophetikos is comprised of musicians who flow together Prophetically, with spontaneous Songs and Sounds.